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Who do I work with?


The area of speech, language and communication is huge. I specialise and work solely with children who have difficulties with their speech sounds. This may be articulation, speech sound delay, speech sound disorder or dyspraxia.

Please note that I do not work with children who are late talkers, have a stammer or who have autism spectrum disorder.

Assessment and Therapy - What to expect
  • The child's parents / carer or school is usually the first person to contact me. We discuss the child's difficulties and development over the phone or via email. At this point I can send out literature about myself and services through the post or electronically.
  • An initial assessment session is arranged to suit the family/child and this will take place in the comfort of your home or other familiar setting eg: nursery or school. This session is approximately 1 - 2 hours long, and can be followed up with a full report if required
  • From this session, and upon agreement with all concerned, regular therapy can be arranged. Therapy will be arranged so that it is convenient for the family, child or school.
  • Aims are written so that all adults working with the child will know the specific and measurable targets that we will be working towards. These are monitored closely and updated regularly.
  • Fun, useful and practical materials & resources will be provided or advised!
  • Very regular and ongoing therapy may be:- weekly, fortnightly, monthly, half termly or termly. Or any other time-scale to suit the child/family.
  • Home and school practice is expected as it is an integral & essential part of the therapy input and our contract.
  • Invoices for therapy are sent out to the client after each session, or can be paid half-termly in advance.
  • Consolidation periods are often recommended at certain points during therapy, for example during the school holidays.
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