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Testimonials from clients, parents and schools

I came across Emily’s profile whilst on the search for a speech therapist for my son. She had a long wait list but all I can say is she was beyond worth the wait. Emily has been incredible with my son from the very beginning and has always been very patient with him and his behaviours. My son has grown to absolutely love Emily over the 15 months they’ve worked together and we are sad to be saying goodbye. It’s been an incredible journey and Emily has made such a big difference, not just for my son but everyone around him. I can hold a conversation with my son and understand every word, 15 months ago this was only something I could dream of. Emily has always worked hard to support my son and has always given such detailed feedback and ways to continue to support his development at home throughout his speech and language journey. If you are looking for a speech therapist, I highly recommend Emily! Thank you again, we will miss your sessions!

Parent of child K, aged 5. May 2024


I cannot thank Emily enough for all her work and support with my son throughout his speech and language journey. The progress and development with his sounds and speech has been fantastic!

He looked forward to every session, and it’s been amazing to watch his confidence grow throughout his time with Emily! 

Parent of child T, aged 5. November 2023


Emily was fantastic. Right from the get-go, she developed a really good rapport with my son, who was just about to turn 3 when he started speech therapy. He felt safe with Emily and always looked forward to the sessions, which were fun and engaging. Emily was also very available and seamlessly coordinated his therapy with his nursery school and teachers, even carrying out the sessions there. My son had quite a severe speech sounds disorder, but the progress he made with Emily was amazing and much faster than I think even Emily imagined! About a year later, he was discharged and is now using all the expected sounds for his age correctly and naturally in speech. We are thrilled! Thank you Emily!

Parent of child T, aged 4. November 2022

My son struggled with sounding out quite a few sounds from an early age.  When he reached reception, I could see it was knocking his confidence and he was becoming frustrated when trying to speak to other adults who couldn’t always understand him.  I sought advice from Emily over the telephone and in an instant, I knew that she was incredibly knowledgeable and although speech sounds were something new to me, I had complete confidence that she would be able to help.  My son had his sessions with Emily once a week at school along with a teacher, and every time I reminded him of his lesson in the morning, he would cheer.  I would hear about all the games they played, and I could tell even at a young age, he was so happy to be getting taught how to pronounce his sounds and felt proud of himself.  The communication was fantastic after each session, and we were given small amounts of homework to practice each week.  My son can now confidently say his sounds, he has confidence in himself again and going with Emily had been one of the best decisions we could have made.  My son was sad not to see Emily anymore, but proudly shows everyone his certificate of achievement.   

Parent of child J, aged 5. May 2022



Emily has done a fantastic job working with my son B over the last few years.  His progress has been incredible,  going from being able to make very few speech sounds at all to now being able to make all his sounds clearly.  He can be understood by other people and he is confident and happy talking in front of his class.

Emily has carefully identified Benjamin's issues and helped him in a very gentle way so he knows exactly what he can do to improve his speech and is very motivated to do so.  He has absolutely loved his sessions and has a really positive outlook about his speech.

Feedback to myself and school after every session has been really helpful and allowed us to have a consistent approach at home and school.  Emily is very approachable and knowledgable and always happy to give extra tips and advice when needed. She was also supportive in our attempts to gain more NHS therapy and was happy to liase with the NHS therapists to ensure maximum progress.

I would highly recommend Emily to anyone looking for a speech therapist for their little one, she is brilliant!

Parent of child B, aged 7. July 2021

Emily is incredible and we cannot recommend her enough! My son struggled with speech sound production from an early age. Despite on and off support through the NHS and amazing input from school he was not making any progress with ‘c’ and ‘g’ and many other sounds.  Emily turned everything around for him.  She has so much experience and advice for parents and school staff.  She makes time to talk about your concerns and share ideas and her support is so reassuring. She is flexible and creative in her approach.  The ‘c’ became the Darth Vader sound and ‘g’ became the gurgling sound, stripping it all back for my son to work out what he was trying to do!  The difference it made was magical. He warmed to her immediately and loved working with her.  She brought really engaging games to play with him in school and was just totally fantastic from beginning to end.  Emily is an absolute professional and so organised with updates, paperwork and reports shared with parents and school staff.  She has allowed school staff to sit in on sessions and learn how best to support my son in class.  The school have been so impressed by her and now recommend her to other parents!  Watching the progress in my son has been truly wonderful and would not have happened without her.  Emily is amazing and we will be forever grateful to have found her.

Parent of child J, aged 7. July 2021

"Thank you for all your input and support, it has been amazing watching him grow in confidence as his communication issues have been resolved. I know he really enjoys seeing you so know he will miss you greatly."

Carer of child, aged 9. July 2019

Emily has worked wonders for our 4yo daughter, A in a relatively short space of time (less than a year), to the point where today we were told she is now discharged.
Although A's progress seemed slow to start, suddenly we just saw a massive improvement and this just demonstrates that whatever Emily does, works! Not only that but Emily is friendly, she is playful but firm, overall she is just fantastic, she came to our home and went into school during A's school day to work with her. A gets so excited to see Emily, she even cried when Emily left.
I know that she will now miss her but we are so thankful for all of your hard work. We couldn't recommend Emily enough to anyone. Thank you once again x x

Mother of A, aged 4. Jan 2019




Our son M was approaching 7 and struggling with his C/K and G sounds, pronouncing them as T and D sounds all the time. We had thought it would correct itself, but when we realised that wasn't happening, and his peers were picking up on it and making him feel self-conscious, we needed to see someone quickly. Emily was amazing. Her knowledge and expertise was clearly what we needed, and her brilliant, fun games and lovely manner were what our son needed. He was excited about the homework and challenges Emily set him, and came on in huge leaps every week. His only complaint was when we said he didn't need to see Emily any more - he wanted to carry on a lot longer, but his progress was so huge and so fast, he just didn't need to. We couldn't recommend Hitchin Speech Therapy highly enough. Thank you!'

Mother of M, aged 6. Nov 2018

My son first saw Emily back in November 2016 when he was just turning 4 and in nursery. He only had a few sounds and couldn’t really put a sentence together. 18 months on and he’s having his last session today. He’s a confident chatty 5 year old who has now caught up with his classmates. So thank you Emily for all your hard work with him as I know he was cheeky with you sometimes and liked to talk about dinosaurs a lot! xx

Mother of H, aged 5. May 2018


A million thanks Emily for your hard work, we have seen dramatic results! Since the first session until now. My son has gone from 1 word, two words to 6 words sentences and 3 syllable words! It’s the most amazing thing to hear. I cannot believe just how far he has come in the last 5 months. We have a long road ahead but your helped so much! We are so grateful for you help!. I strongly recommend Emily

Mother of A, aged 5. April 2018


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